26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference

The APR Scout Conference is held every three years to gather all the NSOs to deal with major regional problems. It is the toppest governing body of the region.

In conjunction with the forthcoming 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference, the WOSM Asia-Pacific Region is organizing the Asia-Pacific Regional Course for Leader Trainers (APR CLT) and the 9th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Youth Forum as ancillary events to the said conference.


Philippine International Convention Center (PICC)
Pasay City, Philippines


Monday to Saturday
15-20 October 2018

Invitation from the President

On behalf of the Two-Million strong Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), I extend our whole-hearted invitation to our fellow Scout leaders far and wide to join the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference to be held in the Philippines in 2018. I also would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for being chosen as the venue of this historic meeting of the great minds in Scouting next year. While it would not be the first time for the BSP to host this great Scouting event, we are now working doubly hard to ensure its success. By success, we mean that the purposes and goals shall have been met and achieved at the end of the conference and all the participants would go home rich with knowledge and unforgettable experiences of the conference.

We are all aware that the APR Scout Conference is one huge opportunity for all Scout leaders in the Asia-Pacific Region to meet and share their experiences and expertise on various topics and areas of common interest. This is also a venue where National Scout Organizations (NSOs) will have the chance to express their views on important issues and concerns affecting their respective NSOs and the organization in general. As we meet old friends and make new ones, this conference will surely open doors for mutual understanding among NSOs, thus, we look forward to see you all in Manila and we are all excited to share the best of what we have and let you experience our way of treating and caring for our fellow Scout Leaders, guests and visitors.

See you all in 2018.

MABUHAY and LONG LIVE the Scouting Movement.

National President
Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Invitation from the Chief National Commissioner

I have the honor to invite our fellow Scout leaders from the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) to a feast of the human spirit. The 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference (26APRSC) will be known to the world over not just for its enthusiasm to conform to the Scouting norm, but in joining a collective voice that would make a gentle noise in the Asia-Pacific in particular and the world at large. The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) is one with the whole Scouting Movement in saying that what the world needs now is Scouting to promote love, peace, and happiness among mankind. We all want peace, we all crave as we share happiness and we all promote love as we need them; we, the leaders of the Asia-Pacific Region, can pave the way to make things happen.

As we take a journey to make Scouting more relevant in today’s world, the BSP shall take steps to make this aspiration come true through the hosting of the next Asia-Pacific Conference. The BSP shall endeavor to inspire its fellow NSOs in spreading the good news that Scouting can make this world a better place to live.

Join us as we take a look at our accomplishments and take a peek at what lies ahead. Let us join hands in remembering our own reason why we are doing all these in Scouting. We all know that many of you are willing to give a piece of your thoughts to make Scouting stronger and better and the 26th Aisa-Pacific Regional Scout Conference will be more than willing to listen and take notes of what you are going to say,

We will be with you in 2018.

Welcome to our country.


Chief National Commissioner
Boy Scouts of the Philippines

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Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) - Pasay City, Philippines

The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) made history as Asia’s first international convention center, setting a trend that led other countries to build their own.